The Waupaca Community Arts Board’s 2018 Annual Community Art Project: Wautopia!

The overall goal of Wautopia is that together, we will create a gigantic wooden sculpture-like structure that represents our collective ideals of what it is to live in our community.


Wautopia is a series of 18 individualized large and small pods, made of wooden elements, that, once assembled, represent our community.

  • The pods were made by various groups and the members of our community.
  • Each Pod was individualized with creative artwork done by the Pod sponsor group...creating a community gallery of art!!!
  • The pods will be  assembled to create a gigantic installed sculpture on Session Street Downtown Waupaca on August 11
  • The collaborative structure will be up for an entire week, with various activities taking place throughout that week and through the  Street Dance on August 16th and the 12th annual Arts on the Square.


The core concept of Wautopia is the beauty of our interconnectedness. Through relationships, we build a stronger community: This is Wautopia!

“In Community, we strive, we thrive, we grow strong, we belong” (Patricia Reckrey, poet)

Wautopia will be enhanced with various art creations that were made by our community this summer:  fabric pennants, painted paper lanterns...the total number of people creating Wautopia, including the 18 groups and 3 sponsor organizations, artists who make the pennants and lanterns is somewhere around 250...This is a true community participation project that will continue to grow as we get closer to August 11!

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