April Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month in Waupaca!
In collaboration with the Waupaca Area Public Library, join us in the celebration of poetry for the entire month of April! Numerous events abound!  Join the Waupaca Community Arts Board as we celebrate poetry with  readings, authors, and interactive events taking place throughout April.

April is Poetry Month in Waupaca, and there are many activities scheduled in Waupaca to help us celebrate this wonderful creative literary art form! 

All of April    Find and discover the world of poetry in books at the Waupaca Area Library and at the Bookcellar, 110 S. Main Street

All of April    Poetry and Music discussion:  a special edition of WCAB’s  Waupaca Local Live Show!                                        

Musicians Wade Fernandez and Marci Beaucoup of Baba Ghanooj will discuss how music, lyrics and poetry intersect.  Enjoy original music and poetry/lyrics during this live local Radio program that will be broadcast throughout April on both 96.3 Waupaca FM and 99.1 WAUP.   Stay tuned for broadcast dates and times!

All of April    Poetry reading on the local public radio station   96.3 FM 

Members of the Poetry Committee will read some of their favorite poems during April is Poetry Month in Waupaca.

All of April    Blackout Poetry at the Library.      

Create your own poem using the words on a page from an old book. Circle the words that make your poem, and black out the rest. The Library will supply the book pages, supplies and instructions.

All of April    “The longest poem ever” at the Library.  

The “crankie” is a large wooden frame that houses Waupaca’s “longest poem ever.” The “crankie” can be found on the main floor of the Library. Poems written by Waupaca individuals have been collected over a few years and are now part of the ongoing yearly collection of new poems.

Also at the Library:  A manual typewriter is available all during April. Join in and create, and then share your own poem.

All of April    Scavenger Hunt with local retailers.  

Find a Poem hidden at local retail businesses!   Get your scavenger hunt participation sheet from local retailers, find the hidden poem and join in to win a poetry book.



 Wednesday April 24th  7 PM    Poetry Reading in a Smoky-less Bar at 22 Lakes Brewery.  

22 Lakes Brewery at 107 W. Fulton, Waupaca will be the venue for this special evening.

Several of our area poets will read their original poetry. Open mic for others to join in.  Bring your friends, enjoy the poetry and think Spring!  Beer, soft drinks and munchies available.

Poets you will meet: Jane Peterson, Rick Simmons, Rob Smith, Patricia Reckrey, Peggy Farrell, Bill Zimmerman. Pat Phair, and Patricia Williams.

Thursday, April 25th  3 PM-7 PM   Poem in Your Pocket Sewing Day at the Library

The Library will host this event. All materials will be supplied, including sewing machines, fabric, glue, paper and decorations. Children younger than 6thgrade must be accompanied by an adult.    No registration required. Library staff members will be helping attendees with this project.

Thursday,April 25th  all day    Poem in your Pocket Day throughout Waupaca.  

Make copies of your favorite poem written by you or by another poet, put them in your pocket and share a copy with any and all who would also enjoy reading it.   You will be surprised how happy this simple act of kindness can make someone.

Many Thanks to:

Waupaca Community Arts Board, Waupaca Area Public Library, (coordinators of April is Poetry Month in Waupaca) activities, and members of the Poetry committee.

Thanks to Thrivent for their generous support.

Also, thanks to our  2019 Partners in Poetry:

Office Outfitters

22 Lakes Brewery

The Bookcellar

Waupaca King and In Between

96.3 Waupaca FM

99.1 WAUP