Drawn Together by Kindness

Drawn Together by Kindness is the name of the 2020 collaborative community art project. Everyone in our community is invited to participate! Between November, 2019 and August, 2020, our goal is to create 2000 flags. Sound like a lot? It is!!! But, we just know we can do it, we have faith because this is a collaborative and kind community!

How do I make a Flag????

The basic point of making a flag is to jot down, in words, doodles and drawings, what comes to mind when you think about Kindness, Gratitude and Love.  It’s that simple!

As we start this nearly 8 month campaign, we are excited to see flag making happen in a variety of ways.  We know that we want to reach people form every segment of our community, so our outreach plan will be variable and ever-evolving.

To start out, here is the easiest way that you can get involved, all on your own:

Check out a Drawn Together by Kindness Kit from our own Waupaca Public Library, downtown Waupaca!

In the kit you will find:

  • 10 blank flags
  • instructions
  • a set of permanent markers

All you need to do is create your flags (follow the in striations, it’s easy!) and then return them with the kit (markers, unused flags and instructions) to the Library.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to make a flag.  Anyone can do it!  Everyone has creativity!  You can use words, draw pictures, doodle, or just explore using color….It’s fun, it’s creative!

You can make more flags, when you see the “Kindness Table” at an event or meeting; remember:  we need to make 2000, so you can do this more than once!!!

Here are some great ideas of how you can use the kit:

  • check one out before the holidays, and create flags with your family when they visit, or at your Friendsgiving Celebration.  Great activity and it fits well with the holiday theme!
  • Traveling?  bring along a kit, and complete with your friends/family that you are visiting!  Everyone can be part of this.
  • Think about other gatherings:  you can bring a kit to a meeting…takes just 20 minutes for most people to complete a flag!
  • Contact us if you want us to do a presentation at your next meeting or group, or if you want to propose an idea to get more people involved!

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks, dates of events, and more info in general on the Drawn Together By Kindness Project!!!!