Irish Wake & Honor Roll March 17, 2018

Waupaca Community Arts Board invites you to the 18th Annual Irish Wake event

March 17, 2018

Commencing from Little Fat Gretchen’s at 7pm

traveling to Weasel’s at about 7:45

Paca Pub around 8:15 and

ending up at T Dubs around 8:45.  Times are not solid, we might get sidetracked!

Erin Go BraghVisit our Facebook page for comments and photos.

Love all…Love and Forgive

You are most Welcome to join in the singing, toasting, honoring, forgiving, merriment and all around good craic as we continue our unique Waupaca tradition.

There will be various jigs, reels, and other traditional Irish instrumental music played throughout the evening. The musicians are all winging it, so you can too. Don’t be shy…Feel free to play along on your instrument or dance a little jig! Let the musicians know if you would like to sing a song…we can probably play backup for you, or you may sing alone, but, ye bet not claiming you know a song, and then as you are singin’ it, it becomes apparent that ye don’t really know it!!!

If this happens, we’ll bloody throw ye out O’ the pub!

History of the Honor Roll

As many of you that have been coming to the wake for the past 18+ years came to know, the Honor Roll has evolved with the help of some great creative folks; to become central to our ritual.

Please give the name of a loved one that has passed during this last year and together we will honor that person by reading their name. The Honor Roll is our community record of the impact that these wonderful people have left us. We carry on.

If you cannot make it to the event and you want your loved one honored, send us an email and we will include their name in the Honor Roll Book, and their name will be read at each stop along the wake.