Murals at Our Feet

We are so excited to get started working on the 2019 Community Art Project! This year, we will be coming together as a community led by artists, to paint 7 of our city’s crosswalks! The artists Design, the People Paint!

Below are the Artists whose work was selected after a competitive submission process. We are including their original designs that they will be painting on the various crosswalks with their teams! Let us know if you would like to be part of a painting team: send a message to us via our Facebook Page!

ARTIST BIO: Becca Eckhardt was born and raised in Michigan and is a 25 year resident of Waupaca. She and her family have traveled the world, where she has been positively influenced by foreign culture and ideas. She teaches painted stained glass classes, and enjoys many mediums including watercolor, acrylics, calligraphy, and mosaics. Becca is the 2019 Artistic Advisor for the Murals at Our Feet Community Art Project.

Becca Eckhardt: Collage

Becca’s design will be painted on Fulton Street East, off Main Street on Sunday, June 1.  

ARTIST BIO: Rachel Hart is a nature lover, collage and fiber artist, jewelry maker and aspiring painter. Creating art in her free time has become a primary way she takes care of herself as a mental health counselor. Art and creativity are a big part of hHer life as mode for self-expression and an outlet for coping and processing thoughts and feelings. Her favorite mediums to work with are fiber (especially dry needle felting), mixed media/collage and acrylic paint. She is inspired largely by nature and traditional crafting and aim to give these a contemporary spin. She has lived all over the Midwest and came to call Waupaca home in 2015.  She is amazed at the abundance of art all around us and hopes to add to that inspiration, beauty and fun in every piece she creates.

Rachel Hart: Quilt

Rachel’s design will be painted on Union Street off Main Street East, on Sunday, June 1.

ARTIST BIO: Miranda Steingraber hails from Glendale, CA.  After marrying her college sweetheart she relocated to Wisconsin.   She is an avid photographer of fine art and dynamic composition. This artist loves to create wonderfully dark romantic images. In her spare time she loves playing in her garden with her three kids and her puppy. She manages a haunted house called The Panic Chambers hosted on the grounds of Annie’s Campground in Gresham, WI. She also has a passion for antiques and you can find some of her work in the basement at Antiques On Main.

Miranda Steingraber’s design

Miranda’s design will be painted on Union Street at Main, West on Sunday, July 7. This is the crosswalk between Blue Angel and Antiques on Main, leading to The Rosa Theater!

ARTIST BIO: Erin Tracy is an artist, small business owner, and politician from Weyauwega. She has been a figurative painter most of her life and has a MFA from the University of Dundee, Scotland. Her current paintings are a conceptual pairing of the female figure and rural landscapes. She is excited for the opportunity to involve the community in her first work of public art.

Erin Tracy’s design

Erin’s design will be painted on Granite Street, off Main, between the Pet Store and the Dane’s Hall on Sunday, July 7.

ARTIST BIO: Yvonne Brown is a primarily self-taught artist who lives in Waupaca, WI. She was born in Stevens Point, WI and holds a Bachelor of Music degree from UWSP. Yvonne spent several years playing guitar and performing as a singer-songwriter, and began painting when she was a stay-at-home mom, to fulfill her need for a quiet after-bedtime outlet for self-expression. Her love of nature is reflected in her acrylic paintings, which often include natural landscapes and flowers. Yvonne believes that art, music and nature are all closely intertwined, and drew inspiration from this belief in her mural design. 

Yvonne Brown’s design

Yvonne’s design will be painted on Cooper Street, down by Rotary Park, going form the ramp to the park. This is an extra large design that will be permanently maintained by the Waupaca Community Arts Board!

 ARTIST BIO: Dort Dewild worked at the Waupaca Middle School for 31 years teaching adolescent children basic art foundations in many different mediums.     Since retiring,she has been exploring the possibilities of combining metal with clay.  She also dabbles in painting with acrylics.      The inspiration for the design she chose is water. Water is an essential ingredient in our lives. Our body consists of an average of 60% water. Our planet earth is comprised of 70% water; a natural resource that needs to be conserved and preserved.     Another reason she chose to represent water is because Waupaca is synonymous with the Chain o’ Lakes. It is a big draw to our community for its beauty and recreational opportunities.

Dort Dewild’s design: Water

Dort’s design will be painted on Friday, August 16, Crossing Main Street at Session Street. This will be on the Friday of Arts on the Square! Everyone is welcome to stop down, watch the team, and even pick up a paintbrush to help out!

ARTIST BIO: Sarah (Sally) Biddinger has lived in Waupaca since 2011. She moved here from the east coast…Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her art experience is varied. She has been drawing life-long….gifting drawings to friends and family.  Currently her drawings/illustrations and greeting cards are featured at Union Street Emporium. Her daughter, son-law and four year old grandson live in Madison. Her Whimsical Crosswalk design was created/inspired by what she sees: trees, lakes, rivers, gardens, houses, sun and the moon…with thoughts of her grandson.

Sally Biddinger’s Whimsical Design

Sally Biddinger’s design will be painted on Session Street near Main Street on Sunday, August 11. This painting beckons kids ages 9 and up to help paint!

Below are the exact locations =and dimensions of the 7 crosswalks we will be painting. Thanks to WCAB’s Stephen Laedtke for technical support!

Stay tuned for more information on painting dates, times and other fun information. The artists design, the People Paint!