Phantom Art Gallery

Phantom Art Gallery has a New Home

on E Fulton Street!

From June 15-October 2 the Phantom Art Gallery will be located on E Fulton Street across from the north side of the Library.

The 2017 Summer Phantom Gallery will be open each
Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
starting on Friday, June 16
and remaining open on weekends until September 15.

Then, there will then be a special exhibit as part of the 2017 Bach Festival at the end of September, with the Art of Mark Brueggeman.  Click here for more information on this special Phantom Art Gallery final 2017 exhibit!

Artists exhibiting in the 2017 Summer Exhibition include:

Allyce Lees, Ashley Harrington, Brenda Wenberg, Carol Grubba, Carol Toepke, Doris Weed, Dort DeWild, Jan Mahoney, Jean Koszalinski, Kevin Knopp, Marsha Mueller, Mary Gordon, Mary Kay Wellhouse, Pat Millin, Phyllis Shidel, Sharon Radley, Shelley Lees, Susan Klabak, and Thomas Young.

PAG Committee Members:

Anita Olson
Adriana Saavedra-Koll
Doris Weed
Kay Susnar
Vicki Poeschl
Darlene Reed
Sharon Radley
Kevin Knopp
Mike Boldt
Kathi Johnson
Steven DeHamer

paglogoThese are some photos:  large photos are from the 2017 PAG opening held in June!


IMG_9646 IMG_9648 IMG_9651 IMG_9652 IMG_9653 IMG_9654


Phantom Art Galleries – Showcasing regional art in the windows of a vacant storefront in downtown Waupaca to promote the occupancy of the retail space and sell art.

Thank you!