Friends of WCAB

Annual “Friends of Waupaca Community Arts Board” Annual Campaign

Dear Friend of Waupaca Community Arts Board,

Our 2017/18 goal was to raise $5000, to help us sustain our organization and assure that we can continue to provide all the fun events that we do for another year.  You have helped us to not only achieve, but to exceed, our goal!  We cannot thank you enough.



We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your generosity in support of WCAB’s 2017-18 Campaign.  We appreciate your being part of our mission, building community through the arts in Waupaca.
We are honored, humbled and grateful to have you as a friend of WCAB!

2017/18 Friends of WCAB 
Barbara Kirk
Ann Kirk
State Farm Insurance
Waupaca Foundry
Rebecca Thieme-Baseman
Beverly Crane
Joan Zwicky
Laurie Wagner
Mary Bauer
Farmer’s State Bank
Lynn and Larry Craig
Jerry Lyons
Christine and Robert Faulks
Thomas Halverson
Bruce Clough
Ingrid Leslie
Mary Young
Riverhill Dental
Robert and Sandra Wagner
Bob and Anita Olson
Bonita Rogers
Linda Cross
Christine Anthony
Little Fat Gretchen’s
Debra and John Skyrms
Betty and Alan Stauffer
Matthew Kolinski and Sarah Durst
Dairy Queen
Remax Lyons Real Estate
Tammi Jo Berg
Ann Herzog and David Wright
Mary and Larry Gordon
Violet Harrington
Jeanne Bootz
Christine Sands
Steve and Barb Laedtke
Carol Elvery
Susan Martin
Daniel Landre
Sandy Testin
Pam Grove
Barb Achten
Patricia Hollenbeck
Ken and Margo Lambert
Marci Reynolds and Francis Rademacher
Tom and Rachel Hart
Jennifer Furman
 Gene Wasserberg
Jan Mahoney
Michelle Peterson
Ann Buerger Linden
Susan Martin
Barbara Haen
Mary Jane Nispel


Donations are appreciated any time throughout the year, and can be sent by mail to: Waupaca Community Arts Board

PO Box 88

Waupaca, WI 54981.

Donations can also be sent via Paypal.

If you are a Thrivent member, you are eligible to designate your Thrivent Choice Dollars to Waupaca Community Arts Board.

to learn more about Thrivent Choice®.
Waupaca Community Arts Board organization is already enrolled,


You’ll find us at